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In short

The Project “Human Resources Management in Local Self-Government – Phase 2” is a joint project financed by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe in Serbia. The project is based on the achievements and challenges on the first phase of the Programme “Human Resources Management in Local Self-Government” (2016-2017).

The overall objective of the programme is to support Serbian administration to effectively meet requirements and conditions deriving from the accession negotiations and successfully manages overall EU integration and pre-accession assistance geared towards EU membership focusing on key areas of human resources management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD) in local public administration.

The intervention is expected to result in an improved legal and procedural framework at both national and local level in accordance with the ongoing civil service reforms. It is to lead to a more coordinated and effective training framework for professional development of the local administration and to increased capacities and competences of local administration.

  • Public Administration
  • Component 1: Strengthened HRM function at local level
  • Component 2: Strengthened human resources development system at local level.
City / District
Republic of Serbia/Towns and Municipalities
EU Contribution
4,000,000 €
Implementation period
December 2018 - December 2022
Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and SCTM
Implemented by
Council of Europe